When to do keyword research?

Do you see those numbers in parenthesis to the right of each keyword? That's your monthly search volume. This data allows you to assess the importance of these topics to your audience and the number of different subtopics that you might need to create content on to be successful with that keyword. For more information on these sub-topics, let's move on to step 2.The problem is that many “SEO experts” claim that LSI keywords are synonyms and related keywords that you should use in your text to improve your ranking. You can get an idea of this by searching for each of these keywords one by one and comparing the search results.

Remember that the goal is to end up with a list of keywords that provide you with quick profits, but that also help you move towards larger and more challenging SEO goals. Local sellers of businesses and e-commerce stores will also find keyword research tips specifically geared to their type of business. Since both high and low competition keywords can be advantageous for your website, learning more about search volume can help you prioritize keywords and choose the ones that will give your website the greatest strategic advantage. It's great to work with keywords that have 50,000 searches per month, or even 5000 searches per month, but in reality, these popular search terms only represent a fraction of all searches performed on the web.

Yoast SEO Premium supports text forms, so it automatically detects all the different forms of your focus keyword phrase (known as keyword derivation). We'll dive deeper into search volume in the next section, but during the discovery phase, it can help you determine which variations of your keywords are most popular among search engines. You may end up ranking on the first page for a specific keyword, but if no one ever searches for it, it won't generate traffic to your site. Google has closely evaluated the behavior of trillions of searches in an attempt to provide the most desired content for each specific keyword search.

Chapter 4 How to Use Keywords Now that you've looked at keywords, you can start thinking about how to use them in your content. So, while it makes sense to segment business keywords with shopping ads, conversion-optimized landing pages, and other content that makes shopping easier with the intention of making a higher funnel, less commercial keywords might be better with a blog post full of ideas for cakes weddings. It's more of a metric for advertisers than for SEOs, but it can serve as a useful proxy for the value of a keyword. However, a quick look at the SERP will show you that the chosen keyword isn't right for your content.

First of all, just because someone is searching for a TOFU term like “keyword research” doesn't mean you can't promote your product to them.